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Shopping Malls A a-pril October 17, 2012 792
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In comparison to the other buildings in the classy roads of Orchard, Lucky Plaza would stand out as one of the oldest. Having the run down architecture of a warehouse, it would seem like Lucky Plaza has been long past its golden era of prosperity, with the levels filled with junkie-like stores and cheap finds.

Despite all of it, it does have its perks that keep it running. Lucky Plaza is home to many money changers and being placed under such competitive circumstances, the rates are therefore very much bargain-able. Cheap cosmetics and fragrances are also found here, with many shops selling it at prices lower than retail prices, if you wont mind the fact that it is last season that is.

Lucky Plaza too, has one of the best food places in town. Right in the heart of Orchard road it is difficult to find the budget eats, especially with wallet strings getting increasingly tighter in relation to countless shopping. The Yong Tau Foo store at the top level is pretty much always crowded, with enthusiastic shoppers stopping for a quick meal or the office people coming down for a quick bite. In summary, it is the best budget place available in the heart of bustling Orchard road.
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