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Cheap souvenirs for last min shopping!
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Walking in from the entrance near Mc Donalds down to basement 1, the smell of cigarettes was not exactly welcoming. However, it is fine as you walk further into the mall.

There are many shops that sell Singapore souvenirs at cheap prices. Most souvenirs are sold at 3 for $10. Many paraphernalia are sold at the same price too. Although the first few shops seem to be selling the same souvenirs at the same price, do not be tricked! Walk further in and you will realise there are cheaper deals! Take for example, the Merlion keychain that is sold in a pack of six is sold at 3 packs for $10 but after walking around, there are shop selling as low as 18 for $10 and 10 for $5!

But the mall is only good for people looking for souvenirs as other shops mostly sell less fashionable clothes though they are priced low.

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Cheap souvenirs
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