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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 276
neighbourhood shopping mall.
(Updated: December 03, 2013)
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What do you need in a neighbourhood shopping mall other than food? The answer is: Food.
It's a food alley, food haven, food... whatever you would want to call it!
They have a relatively huge fairprice too! (The POSB machine is inside fairprice)
Lot 1 has bakeries like four leaves, fast food (macs, mos), bubble tea shops,dessert shops, mid range restaurants (10-15 bucks/person at this chinese restaurant in the basement which is quite good!) as well as the higher ends one like MOF!

They have all kinds of food you just wanna go on a crazy food shopping spree. WHile they do not carry brands like zara/mango in this shopping mall, they do have cotton on and the make up store, Sasa.
Guardian and Watsons are also both located here! I think they still have 2 food courts so you can take your pick but I'd have to say that the one on the highest level is the better of the two.
It's like another neighbourhood shopping mall so don't expect to shop here!
Oh there's a library too!

Moderately crowded on weekends.
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