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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 215
The whole Lot in One place!
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Overall Rating 
Lot One truly lives up to its name where you can ‘find the whole lot in one place’. A friendly neighborhood shopping mall, Lot One has indeed come a long way with many radical changes it has undergone.

There are now more escalators than before which really speeds up the time u take to to get to that certain area at that certain level. For instance If you wish to go to Popular, you simply need to take the escalator on your left upon entering, instead of taking the central escalator, so you do not need to walk another big round to get there. Same goes for the Food junction, and the roof top garden which is each one level above respectively.

If you wish to get to food culture, an all halal food court, or even Pastamania you will need to take the main central escalator and it will lead you right up to it o the third level. But what if you are intending to just grab a quick bite? Then you can take the escalator down to the basement (there is one outside the shopping mall leading to the basement level) and you will find yourself in the Food Alley where you can grab you Old Chang Kee, Polar, Jollibean and more take-and-go food outlets. So as I have mentioned, it is really all clustered in one convenient place!

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