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Shopping Malls A audrey-oh May 15, 2012 420
not a place for shopping
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Yep this is not a place for shopping unless you are shopping for groceries :)
I love medi-ya, a japanese supermarket. There you can find things you'd never find in cold storage in a thousand years! Things like red bean paste.. yeah all the jap stuff.

It's a really quiet mall with a muay thai gym and I'm sure it's catered to the japs. Kinokuniya, jap restaurants and starbucks! The starbucks here is dimly lit, comfortable and best of all, it's quiet! The mall is actually quite quiet in general.

At the basement (where medi-ya is) you can find lots of japanese food. Steep prices no doubt and I have only tried the food from one of the stores- can't remember which and it tasted yummy so you may want to give it a go.
There's also a shop selling crepe outside. Good crepes they have, I must say.

Nice place to chill out.

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