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Shopping Malls A audrey-oh May 15, 2012 442
A very niche mall
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I like how Liang Court (previously known as Daimaru) is such a niche shopping mall. Everything in the mall is centered around Japan and its culture. It has a wide selection of Japanese restaurants and eateries, Japanese related stores and the best one; a Japanese supermarket called Medi-ya at its basement level. There is also Kinokuniya at the third floor!

Most people like Japanese food and culture and at Liang Court, you can get a taste of both. At Medi-ya you can find lots of Japanese food and beverages that are imported from Japan and not found in local supermarkets like Fairprice and the likes. Shopping in Medi-ya makes me feel like I'm almost in Japan, considering how there are also many Japanese shopping there.

Some have the perception that everything in Liang Court is expensive but its not the case. In fact, there's a Japanese shop (called Nanairo) at the basement level which sells all its stuff at $2. Its concept is kind of like Daiso's but Nanairo has a smaller selection due to space constraints.

Liang Court is a rather quiet mall especially on weekdays and is a good place to hang out if you are the sort who hates crowds. This mall is very niche and many of the shops are food related. It's not so much of a mall to do extensive shopping.

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