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Be apart of japan today!
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Liang-Court is one of the rare shopping malls in Singapore which features mostly Japanese stores, food, and pop culture in it, or probably this is the one and only shopping mall which have the highest value in Japanese. I always have a great time coming here with my girl-friend and friends, which we bought many stuffs, and enjoy the food here, though we end up going home with empty pockets.

Judging by the crowd inside the shopping mall was almost 50% of them are Japanese, some were students, kids and even adults going to the supermarket, and visiting retail stores. The favorite places for me will be Kinokuniya, the fashion retail stores, which my girlfriend always go in and trying out the new arrived clothes, and as well the various hair-dressing stores, which mostly were from Japan themselves, I would really love to get a new hair-style from them one day!

Last but least, the wide variety of japanese restaurants! On our first day going there, me and friends were having a hard time planning to go which restaurant to eat. There is just so much in Liang-Court, I do recommend Otakus and people that like Japanese culture to come over to Liang Court shopping mall someday!

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