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Shopping Malls C cmacrina May 30, 2012 1329
A maze to me...
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Even after patronising Junction 8 for more than five times, I can still never remember the shops or rather, how level one works. I shall blame it on my poor sense of direction and find excuse like "the place is too crowded to even get a good view of the mall!"

Level one has about four main entrances to each part of the mall and the best part, level is not linked. Well, it may be a good partition organising the fast food resturants and dining resturants separately, it can be quite annoying if one decide to get from one resturant to another (especially when my friends and I cannot decide on the food we want). There is no luxury of walking few rounds before settling down. Furthermore, due to the heavy flow of traffic, transition from one part to another wasn't smooth at all. I was separated from my friends as we move around as we were all shoved here and there. I doubt there is a sale somewhere but everyone seems to be in a rush (not the path for commuters heading to the bus interchange, inside the mall).

Well, I suppose I have to just learn my directions and be more understanding.

To be fair, Junction 8 has a wide variety of shops satisfying shoppers from all walks of life. From housewives to office ladies to teenagers and of course men. The location is ideal for a more centralised place for meet-ups and discussions.

I wouldn't recommend window shopping here as there will definitely be no place for a good (quiet) chill out after the long walk.
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