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Come for the food
(Updated: November 17, 2012)
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Formerly known as Ten Mile Junction, I can't help but wonder whether the shopping mall has gotten better. I always find it a dread to visit there as there's nothing to see. There are no interesting shops around. Shoppers come mainly for Sheng Siong. Now that it's renovated, has it gotten any better?

Sadly, no. Despite that the mall is nicely renovated, offers free shuttle bus services and that there's 1 hr free-parking on weekdays between 10 am to 10 pm with min. spend of $$20(SAFRA members get 2 hr free), Junction 8 is still the dreariest mall.

The most interesting store is probably Pet Lovers Centre. There are many beauty and wellness services such as BodyPerfect, NK Hairworks and Heart Spring Spa. As for fashion and accessories stores, be prepared to be disappointed as there are only... 4! They are none other than Apsara, SPEX and ZESTA.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes around. Fans of Gong Cha, head down to level 1 for freshly brewed tea! Love Korean chicken? Well, check out BBQ Chicken at level 1 for a satisfying meal!

porn's SEXY. THAI. FOOD definitely stands out. I mean, with a name like that? Turns out that the boss of the restaurant is none other than TV host, Pornsak. I saw a cardboard cut-out of him. Anyway, you have to place a reserve which kind of ruins it. If you are lucky, do try the Thai green curry (Gang Keaw Wan)! It's got a brilliant balance of sweet and salty. Price: S$10.90+

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