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Shopping Malls P prisailurophile July 07, 2012 208
A dead town but I like it.
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Overall Rating 
Looking so much better from its previous dull and unruly appearance, Junction 10 went through a revamp and emerged looking clean and fresh! However, the response of the public isn't one I would have anticipated. Instead of drawing more crowd to it, it seems like junction 10 had become even more quieter than in the past. Though a good stream of middle class restaurants have taken shop, they always seem to be lacking in customers and most of the time look super empty (even during mealtimes). The food court at level 2 is like itself, hungry for customers with many unoccupied stalls. Walking in, you will be greeted by vendors from different stalls touting.

The Giant supermarket though mega in size, seems to be freezing itself in a corner yearning warmth from its slow human traffic. In comparison, I think Shengsong supermarket was so much more bustling before the revamp. Basically, the only place I like to hang around in this place is Toastbox. It's so quiet that spending an afternoon sipping coffee and reading a book here becomes double an enjoyment. It's almost like you own the place!
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