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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 737
EXpect more from iluma!
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Overall Rating 
The exact words I thought of when I first entered Iluma was “this place is really huge!”, The fact that there is no big crowd on weekdays before 2 pm really makes you feel like exploring level by level without any obstructions. Being relatively new to the shopping mall scene, Iluma really gives one a different vibe from other shopping mall.

The last time I went, there were still shops that have yet to move in but the common shops have already been set up, including Comics Connection, Swatch and other handy items stores. There were also a few hand phone accessories shops that had products sold at standard prices. I bought a screen cover for my Samsung galaxy gio mobile phone which cost around $10, so it was not that expensive .

And of course, like all big shopping malls, Iluma boasts a big cinema theater, named Filmgarde. This definitely gives us more choices to choose from when we want to watch that movie, and not simply go to Eng Wah or Golden Village. The cinema is also equipped with Digital Theatre System (DTS) and Dolby Digital Surround Ex system comparable to its competitors so you do not need to worry in missing out any of the quality.

Good news is that according to, Iluma will be revamped into Bugis+ and is bringing in international brands including, Pull&Bear, Sephora, Bershka, Aeropostale, Celio, New Look, Denizen, Adidas Originals, Quiksilver and Dockers. In this way, patrons have another source look for their luxury goods and compare prices with!
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