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Shopping Malls M malcolm-baey April 16, 2012 326
A Real Family mall
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Overall Rating 
Unlike many other shopping centres, Great World City is not so fast paced, it is more quiet, and also not so much on keeping up with the times. This mall is more suitable for a family to hangout during weekends and days where the family members need not work.

The mall has a lot of shops selling food, ranging from speciality restaurants and cafes to the well known fast food outlets like yoshinoya. The relatively peaceful ambience of the mall also allows patrons to enjoy the food while escaping from the regular rat race and noise that fills other malls, and also creates the perfect opportunity for some chit-chat and catching up with family and friends.

The mall also has a cinema, whose tickets are always available even without advance booking, which is perfect for those unplanned outings with friends and family . The place is clean and the toilets are of a much better standard than that of your regular orchard road malls. The Fengshui shop is a good place for believers, for it sells some products not commonly found in other such shops.

To me, I would only visit this place when I planned to meet up with someone for a meal due to its peaceful environment. This place is also inconvenient to visit due to there being little bus sevices and no MRT station, so it is best to go there by a taxi or with someone who drives. On the other hand, a driver would not have trouble parking here due to its slightly more remote location
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