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A Shopping Haven
(Updated: April 23, 2012)
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Far East Plaza is a shopping haven in Singapore frequented by many, especially students and teenagers on a tight budget.

The most popular level will be the basement, where many fashionable shops as well as some take-away shops like Chippy and Shih-lin resides. With a piece of XXL chicken in hand, you can browse through many different shops selling a wide variety of items, from shoes to bags to dresses and accessories. What's even more amazing? The items are all pocket friendly priced. Some shops sell repetitive stuff so I'd encourage you not to be lazy and browse around more before making a purchase. There might be a chance of you clinching a sweet deal!

If the number of shops in the basement are not enough to satisfy the shopaholic in you, fret not! There are still a few more floors up to go! Although there are lesser shops on Level 2 and 3, and the levels not renovated to be as hip as the basement, there are many shops worth checking out on these levels as well!

As for the men who are accompanying their girlfriends for shopping, Far East Plaza also has various shops that can appeal to them as well! Other than food, there are also camera shops where they can hunt for a brand new photography equipments on the first floor, and on some of the other floors are also tattoo parlours if they are adventurous enough! There are also some comic and old school toy shops on the highest level which may appeal to the little boy in them.

After combing through the various levels in Far East Plaza, you are bound to get a little worn out, and that's when you will really appreciate the top level! Regenerate your energy and give your sore feet a rest in one of the many award-winning eateries on the last level like the Chicken Rice stall and the Ra-men stall. Ladies who would like a little pampering can get their nails done at one of the many affordable manicure parlours or get a haircut!

The Far East Plaza is indeed an awesome place to spend a whole day. You are sure to leave the place satisfied and glowing with pride from all the shopping and good food there!
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