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A better alternative to Bedok Point
(Updated: December 09, 2013)
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Personally, I like my malls lined with an abundance of fashion or beauty retail stores, with perhaps a light sprinkle of restaurants and cafes. After visiting the foodie's heaven, but shopper's hell, AKA Bedok Point, I'd definitely expected more retail stores in Bedok Mall to compensate for the piteous lack thereof in Bedok Point.

As expected, Bedok Mall, which is significantly larger, houses a greater selection of retail outlets as compared to Bedok Point, with popular clothing brands such as Uniqlo and Cotton On. In fact, Bedok Mall doesn't simply cater for the female fashion diva. The metrosexual can satiate his fashion cravings at Bedok Mall with Natural Project and Levi's, just to name a few of the male clothing retail stores situated within the mall. That being said, I actually found the female retail selection at Bedok Mall more limited than that for the males, which doesn't actually make for a mini-Orchard for us female Easties, but hey - there's definitely more variety at Bedok Mall as compared to Bedok Point, and I'm not going to complain.

Retail aside, Bedok Mall is certainly food paradise! Bedok Mall houses several restaurants, ranging from Japanese and Chinese cuisines to French selections. Bedok Mall has definitely brought in several famous restaurants that you'd find only in town, into the east! I mean, they have Tim Ho Wan! THE Tim Ho Wan. I think that in itself certainly says a lot about the food variety at the mall. In fact, when I went to Bedok Mall on the second (or third) day of its opening, there was already a snaking queue formed for Tim Ho Wan, and I'd been hoping to be able to beat the crowd to try out the restaurant while Bedok Mall was still new and relatively unknown (though this was clearly fat hope).

Other dining choices include Poulet, Prata Wala, and Swensen's, to name a few crowd favourites.

Overall, Bedok Mall seems like a pretty amazing mall with quite the vibrant variety in retail choices. In fact, I feel like the stale shopping scene in Bedok has been injected with new life following the introduction of Bedok Mall.

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