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Shopping Malls P prisailurophile July 07, 2012 552
Don't disregard its inner beauty!
(Updated: July 08, 2012)
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Overall Rating 
Despite the run-down and backdated façade, unlike other shopping malls, the business and the crowd in the MacDonald’s outlet is a reminder that Beauty World is still a place of interactive human-life. The fact that it has an outdoor setting gives one options to take in the fresh air outside.

I have been to Beauty World several times (3-4 times a year) and each time I go there, I never fail to spot the SALE tag in most of the shops. The ones spotting brightly colored signs include shops selling clothes, bags and books. The shopkeepers/salespeople are very active and alert too. The minute you walk past their shop, they would be out inviting you to come in take a look, convincing you of their good discounts and how they suit your needs. Personally, it is awkward as such similar shops are usually very near to each other and I would feel bad rejecting either one of them on that spot. Still as a customer, you could reject courteously anytime.

For those who love flowers, there is a flower stall at level 2, manned by an uncle and an auntie. They really have many types of flowers, from plastic ones to silky ones which are attractive for decorations. If you’re planning to buy a real plant, rest assured as the florist would expertly tell you how to maintain that specific plant, such as the environment it needs to be exposed to, the number of times to water it, as well as the type of soil you would need. Otherwise, you could simply grab the fake-flowers for 3 for $10, a very cheap bargain for most of us.

In short, there beauty world still has its ‘inner beauty’ to count on!
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