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A popular heartland mall
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AMK hub has garnered a lot of attention and visitors since it opened a few years ago. I myself visit the place quite often too as it is conveniently located in the central part on Singapore! AMK hub is geared more towards families with children, who may bring their kids there for some shopping done and to have a nice dinner together.

The place is furnished with at many eateries, from high-end to normal to the simple fare at the food court. In the basement, there are many street-snacks, ranging from durian puffs to hotdogs to taiwan street snacks, shaved ice to yoghurts. You can easily find a simple treat to satisfy yourself! Other than that, they also have more expensive restaurants like Soup Restaurant and New York New York if you are looking at classier food.

One of the major attraction in AMK Hub is of course, the Fairprice Xtra! The outlet sells everything you can imagine. Clothes, electronics, toys, baby cots - everything! It is often interesting to stroll around the Fairprice just to pass time before a movie. It is also this fairprice which draws the most housewives to the mall. They can easily purchase their groceries as well as other miscellaneous items from this Fairprice, how convenient!

Another huge draw to this mall must be Cathay Cineplex. They offer comfy seats in well-conditioned theatres, and are opened till the wee hours of the morning! It's no wonder why youngsters flock to this place at night to catch their favourite midnight flick! Also, Cathay Cineplexes offer yummy popcorns, definitely a plus point since who doesn't enjoy popping popcorns into their mouth as they enjoy their movie?

All-in-all, even though the mall isn't huge, there are still ample amenities offered, allowing you to spend a pleasant time there. If you think it isn't enough, there is still AMK central for you to explore!
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