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fantabulous choices!
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Really a cross between a supermarket and a departmental store, Carrefour has in store almost everything for your necessities.

The place is huge and not cramped, so you would feel comfortable shopping and browsing around, unlike typical supermarkets. There is ample space in between the aisles and there is a travelator where you can get your food (chips/snacks) as you move along. I really feel this grab and go concept saves time and trouble looking for specific items.

On top of that, Carrefour has a bakery area, which is uncommon in other similar stores so you could just take a whiff of the aroma coming from fresh baked goodies!

In addition, there is Good news for book lovers. There are a couple of levels where you could source for book deals. There is a variety of genres there, from crime to love stories. The authors include Chef Wan ( a celebrated Malaysian Chef), Grodard(an awesome thriller writer) and Danielle Steele specialising in romance novels. All for below $20! In this way, you could skip that long trip to the book store and just get everything you need in one place! How convenient is that?

The space is really organized and clean, with friendly staff that would assist you anytime. They even have dedicated aisles for international brands- for many items including maple syrup. For a quick comparison, a fair amount of items are cheaper than cold storage, so do visit Carrefour and stock up all that you need!

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