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Its slogans reads: Trends you can afford. First off, there is no trend at Mini Toons. Year after year, they sell almost the same things - cutesy soft toys, accessories (most of the times, tacky) display items and gummy sweets. To the credit of Mini Toons, the only trend it has is that it now sells Iphone covers and on special events like Mothers' Day, they would sell something special like a rose... (no prizes for guessing) soft toy.

Mini Toons' gummy treats is a delight which a sweet tooth can grab and pay by weight - definitely popular with children and due to the fact that it is not common to find another candy store nearby. Its accessories include quirky stationery as well as shoe laces, keychains, keytags and phone jewellery.

Never in my right mind will I step into Mini Toons but I guess the reason why Mini Toons still remains relevant in today’s industry is their soft toys, the main selling point there, where you could find your favourite characters of sizes ranging to embarrassingly big ones which some might want to gift to their dates to impress them. (Oh dear, I hope they grow out of it soon.)

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