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I love to cook and my sister loves to bake so it's no surprise that we have a soft spot for pretty and functional cookwares and baking wares!!!! ToTT is really huge and has a super wide range of kitchen wares for you to choose from. What I like about here is that they carry both quirky and cute pots/ saucers to the plain classic stainless steel mixing bowls / clear glass mixing bowls. Sometimes the simplest stuff are the hardest to find but you can definitely get them here. It's almost as if you can find everything and anything here!!! The staff here are also really helpful in providing suggestions and recommendations according to your needs and budget.

The prices here are much higher than what you would normally pay at Ikea or your neighborhood Red Man store but the stuff here lasts and lasts... it gives your money a good stretch and wouldn't it be better to buy one good quality mixing bowl instead of five mixing bowls that spoils and doesn't hold up well? They have sales every now and then as well so if you think the prices are too high, do wait for the sale!!!! I got a Jamie Oliver set of mixing bowls and measuring spoons at $60+ after 50% off. Great deal!!!!

If you are looking for a place that sells good quality kitchen ware at reasonable prices with a huge range of variety, ToTT is definitely the answer :-)

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