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Department Stores S snoopyblues October 13, 2012 1026
Different Specialities!
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CK stores offers a range of cheap items from fashionable clothings to daily neccessities. But, they are not found everywhere! But before further elaboration, allow me to share some good visits I had.

After walking around Bedok market for a long time trying to find some office wear/formal and yet fashionable pants, I chance upon pants at CK. The black pants are of good quality materials and what's more, the "shiny" material makes it look fashionable with the "cutting" that I like. Furthermore, it is sold much cheaper than those I bought from departmental stores...

As for the branch at Tampines blk 201, I frequent it to get shampoos and whatever tolietries they offer. Well, they sell those in small bottles. Just what I am looking for, for travelling or simple wash-up after some sports. They are sold cheaply and the some of the small bottles of soap could not be found in supermarkets like NTUC or Shop & Save.

With their different specialities in each store, do ask around before heading down to any particular store if you have some things to purchase in mind to prevent a wasted trip. (happend to me before.)
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