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Department Stores D david-tan October 14, 2012 1036
Neither the best nor the worst
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BHG is a home of many brands compared to other departmental stores, and I like it that I can find many brands of goods that I cannot usually find in other departmental stores. However, I feel that in the process of providing a variety of brands of goods to customers, BHG has compromised on the variety of goods sold from each brand, which in turn gives customers less choices of buying something they want from a certain brand.

I am also not very happy about their apparent lack of ability to anticipate demand for different products, as when I shop at BHG once in a while, I find that quite a number of their items on display are the only ones left and there are no new sets of different sizes, this coming from the clothes and shoes section mostly.

On a brighter note, BHG sells quite a large variety of crockery and utensils that are of a good quality and at a reasonable price. Their service is so-so, and the ambience of their stores is not exactly the best I have seen. I will shop at BHG once in a while, but it is definitely not my prime choice of a departmental store.

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