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Luxury Brands M melody May 30, 2012 165
Yummy leather and studs
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What sets Balenciaga apart from other mainstream luxury brand is its edginess and colorful leather. It is definitely more suitable for youths as compared to LV and Chanel. I really like the designs of their motorcycle bags. The leather smells and feels yummy and there's a wide variety of colors to choose from. From hot pink to yellow to periwinkle... they all look so fresh! I have mentioned in my MCM review that I disliked their studs, that was because the studs they used were the commonplace prism ones. Balenciaga studs are unique to the brand and acts as a trademark for the brand.

I was a fan of their G21 studs before they changed to the current G12 studs.The G21 studs are bigger and more prominent as compared to the new G12 ones. If you are lucky, you might still be able to get the G21 studded bags! They are heavier than the smaller stud ones but I personally feel that it brings out the edginess more. A bag can cost up to $2k plus so take it as an investment as it is really hardy and good to carry day in day out. I would recommend the Anthracite color because it is neutral but not as boring as black.

If you do not have the budget for a bag, do consider their accessories which are very Balenciaga-ish. The double/triple tours and cuffs can act as key pieces that can bring your outfit together. The accessories have the Balenciaga trademark studs and it is affordable at $290 for a luxury brand! I personally prefer the cuff to the triple/double tours wrap around. The Singapore store has a lack of colors for the accessories though. Black is almost impossible to get so if you do want certain colors/hardware combinations, make sure to call them to enquire about the availability before making a trip down.

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