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Bags & Shoes D dawniejunnet February 01, 2013 1688
Gorgeous Leather
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Overall Rating 
I used to think that Dr Martens shoes were so difficult to pull off and heavy until a got a pair myself. Not only are the soles comfortable and cushiony, the feeling of wearing boots are no different from a pair of high cut sneakers. The only upside of this? I look way more trendy than if I had chosen to wear a pair of high cut sneakers.

The fact that Dr Martens were originally army boots that were fashioned into a trend made it difficult for me to accept them at first. My impression was marred by the fact that boots were only used for hiking in the woods or washing cars, and they seemed a little bit too rugged to match different styles of clothing. As the trend caught on however, Dr Martens expanded their range and started coming up with more stylish designs that appealed to the female audience. Unfortunately, I had unknowingly fallen in love with the black classic pair that was evergreen. Not only does black match almost every outfit, the look and the feel of it is gorgeous.

Now I want another pair.
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