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I still remember my maiden Dr Martens experience as a huge rush and clamour to get to the outlet at Wheelock Place to get that particular size of that particular boot. I tried on and found it to be a good and comfortable fit, bought it and never looked back. Dr Martens, although it may be a bit expensive, is definitely a great walking shoe that literally makes you feel as though you are bouncing on air with their trademark "Bouncing Soles". It takes some time to get used to walking with boots, but I think it's definitely worth it.

I like that Dr Martens can complement different outfits, whether you are wearing jeans or skirts or shorts, it can still go well with a pair of Dr Martens. It adds a rugged touch to your outfit and yet still manages to look classy. Dr Martens has different outlets in Singapore, but I recommend the ones at Wheelock Place and Orchard Central. The outlet at Wheelock Place may be daunting to walk into, because the sales staff there are quite punk-ish in nature, but they offered me great service and were ever-willing to answer any questions I had. The outlet at Orchard Central is quieter and more out of the way, so you should head there if you like a shoe shopping experience to be quiet and undisturbed.

Do not be fooled by the idea that Dr Martens only has those few models that you see so commonly around Singapore. Visit one of their shops and you'll find that they actually have quite a few different models, some of which are extremely eccentric and unique. I love my Dr Martens, thumbs up!

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