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Bags & Shoes D dawniejunnet February 01, 2013 1688
sturdy fashion statement
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Dr Martens has been known to many teens as being the trendy boots, the one pair of shoes you'll need to add a fashion touch to your overall dressing. Priced exorbitantly high, many save up just to own a pair and treat it like their precious. However, uncommon to many, Dr Martens is less fragile than you think it is.

When I was travelling to a winter country I was searching high and low for a pair of sturdy boots that'll pull me through the winter storm and to my surprise, Dr Martens was a plausible option. Not only is it good in snow, it stays strong in mud and dirt. So good news guys, go ahead and plunge your feet into a muddy field, your Martens are made to withstand it!
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