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Bags & Shoes D damien May 09, 2012 1971
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Home-grown brand Charles & Keith may be loved by locals and foreigners but my verdict is that it is a store selling products which are simply boring. Some say they are knock-offs from shoes and bags of the latest seasons and hence cheap. But I think even if they are knock-offs, they could do better with the price they are charging their products for.

Why products at Charles & Keith are boring is that they are, in general, too safe - with simple cuts and designs which are commonplace. Charles & Keith however, have evolved from being solely a shoe store to selling handbags, belts and sunglasses. The handbags are rather structured and of quality. However after using a faux leather bag of Charles & Keith for a year, I found the leather to be flaking and peeling off pretty bad from the bag. I cannot comment on the shoes, however, as I really cannot bring myself to fall in love with a pair there.

The sunglasses at Charles & Keith look rather stylish and exquisite. I thought of buying a pair for my mum but they are really too costly, priced at $50 - $80 for a nice pair, which I felt was really not worth the money, considering it being only... Charles & Keith.

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