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Bags & Shoes J jane June 18, 2012 811
Do not be deterred to try BATA!
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Overall Rating 
Coming from a low income family, my number one source for shoes had always been BATA and even if I have more money to spend, I do not see any highly compelling reason for me to immediately switch brands. Bata has indeed served me well since primary school and right until today where I’m pursuing my Bachelor studies. If you think BATA is lagging behind it terms of fashion, you are badly mistaken.

A simple observation would tell you that shoes nowadays have a slip-on concept where you no longer face the hassle of tying up your shoe laces tight. Initially it was common for women to have such shoes, but it is now increasingly more obvious in men’s shoe-preference as well.

I recently bought a pair of black slip-on shoes, which was made with a waterproof coat. Costing only $40, I felt it was a good trade-off when you compare to similar shoes in other stores with almost twice the price. Though I do not really insist on that BATA has high quality of shoes, a daily but careful usage will last you for half a year at least. My black shoes have so far lasted 4 months with minute signs of damage from wear and tear.

Bata is fairly common in most shopping malls so do not be deterred by other’s comments. Get a pair and try it on for yourself!

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