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Watts In
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Watts In is an accessories store that specializes in retailing the latest accessories from Korea and Hong Kong. Founded in 1999, the store aims to offer all women the latest accessories at affordable prices, and has since branched out into 4 retail stores located all over Singapore. 


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Not fond of them
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I am honestly still amazed at the fact that Watts In still prevails in the shopping industry even when other affordable retail jewellery stores are increasing in popularity. They offer a range of accessories, from necklaces to earrings and bracelets and even hair accessories. They are also wallet-friendly.

It has been years and years of walking in and out of their existing store in Far East Plaza, but I constantly leave empty-handed. I have seen many friends go crazy for their jewellery yet I am still not interested in their products. And up until now, I still can't put my finger on why.

I think Watts in will be popular among teenagers but I can never see myself purchasing anything there.
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Cheap accessories
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I have a few friends who fervently drag me into Watts In whenever we hit Far East Plaza. I'm personally not the biggest fan of Watts In, so I'd always be looking through rings and necklaces while my friends go gaga over their array of earrings.

Watts In is an accessories store for females, though I suspect that they're geared slightly towards preteens, as all that shiny silver probably wouldn't seem very appealing to teenagers and young adults. Watts In is definitely cheap though. My friends got several pairs of earrings for 5 for $10 once at a sale, and all of their rings retail for less than $10.

The store also retails a wide variety of pendants, ranging from the typical heart shaped ones to quirkier ones like a mini guitar. Of course, all these accessories have been coated with a shiny layer of silver, which I suspect might wear off after a short period of wear, as I never saw my friends in any of the earrings that they'd purchased after that.

Watts In would probably be a good place to bring girly preteens to, as the sheer amount of silver baubles and thin chains will surely be appealing to them. I just can't quite imagine any full fledged adult wearing anything from Watts In.

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Far East Plaza
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