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Accessories F felicia-yeow December 24, 2012 812
Amazing accessories!
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Montip is a little of an under rated store. How tacky accessories stores like Aries get so popular, yet the obviously cooler ones like Montip remain relatively unknown to the public simply escapes me.

I visit the Montip outlet at Century Square pretty often, mainly because it's relatively near my house, and Montip is really just about the best accessories store in the mall. Montip retails accessories such as rings and hats, as well as head wear, hair accessories, and bags.

Personally, I find their bags a little expensive. A simple clutch of regular size can retail for about $28, whereas similar ones at Bugis Street probably go for around $10. However, the hair accessories at Montip are definitely worth the buy. Montip stocks up on ribbon hair ties like they're the answer to the apocalypse, and each of such hair ties are fairly affordable, and if I'm not wrong, go for a lower price as compared to those in Aries.

Although no high street brand, the rings at Montip are worth the look as well. The rings at Montip generally cater for the edgier girls - think metal rings with quirky designs. These rings come in various sizes, so I suppose even males are able to wear them - a guy friend of mine even tried on a ring and proudly showed me how it could fit on his finger.

The Montip outlet at Century Square is tucked away at a corner, so I suppose it may not be noticeable. However, during peak hours, there can be quite a crowd within the store, and it's definitely a clear sign of how amazing Montip is.

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