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Accessories S snoopyblues October 16, 2012 215
Pretty, but not necessarily trendy
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Mini Bits attempts to be trendy, but the accessories that they sell just aren't tasteful no matter how hard they try, and can probably appeal only to preteens.

Mini Bits generally sells pendants and bracelets with cute little silver charms that hardly anyone above the age of 16 would purchase. There is no doubt that Mini Bits is one of the most affordable established accessories shop in Singapore, however, that fact is constantly overlooked because the accessories at Mini Bits fail to catch the attention of most shoppers, perhaps with the only exception of preteens.

My friends and I tend to skip over Mini Bits completely whenever we go shopping, as despite the shop's girly interior, the accessories on display already give a good indication of what the store is generally like - cheap, plain and probably made in China.

I have on one occasion, bought a set of pastel coloured hair clips from Mini Bits. The price was definitely decent but unfortunately, the quality wasn't. The set of hair clips rusted in probably only a mere two or three month's time. And I had hardly worn them. Perhaps I got a bad batch, or the quality at Mini Bits is just not up to standard.

The accessories at Mini Bits are definitely cheap though, and would probably make good gifts for preteens with awfully short attention spans.

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