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Mini Bits Korea is not your typical accessory shop as it sells a more premium range of accessories targeted at the younger crowd. Because of their imported products, the prices do tend to be higher, but some of the designs are definitely worth the price!

I especially like their range of rings, which have yet to be rivaled by other accessory shops in my opinion. I love how the design is creative, and the rings are often ornamented with a little flower or star, not too much, with just the right adornment. Their necklaces are more typical, sometimes a simple star or heart dangling from a silver chain can cost around $8. In such cases, I do not thing it is worth the price.

Jewellery aside, the hair bands are also unique and very pretty, more suitable for the girly types. However, the prices are definitely high for a simple accessory such as the hair band. Even the hair ties are not worth buying from here. You can get similarly pretty hairt ies from regular accessory shops.

All in all, I do feel that Mini Bits is a good place to get gifts for your girlfriends because the products are of good quality and are priced lower than high-end jewellery shops.

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