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Accessories F felicia-yeow December 15, 2012 231
Cute and cheap
(Updated: December 15, 2012)
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Overall Rating 
JEAN sells accessories ranging from hairclips to necklaces. Hairclips and basic hair ties cost only about $1 or less, while the fancier accessories such as tiarias and artificial flowers and feathers for the hair have a slightly higher pricetag. However, almost everything in the shop is still under $5, and the accessories are highly durable. For example, a flower hair accessory I bought there about 2 years ago is still in the same perfect condition I bought it then.

The layout of the shop is simple and tidy, making it easy for customers to find and purchase what they need. Also, except for the cashier cum manager, there are no pesky sale promoters around to promote the accessories, allowing customers to shop in a relaxed environment.

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