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Eli sure knows what is in and out of trend!
(Updated: February 22, 2013)
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My wallet didn't bag wads of cash. Nor was it full of chunky coins. The amount of cards I owned occupied a mere two slots. I am definitely nowhere near the word millionaire. Yet. Chanel, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Verbal Ambush. All these are a no go, thanks to my monetary misery. Unfortunately, I hold a soft spot towards accessories. They are definitely aiding my monetary drainage system; by draining it faster than ever. However, they are accessories which boost sophistication upon any ordinary attires! Hence, splurging for them are totally worthwhile.

Elitrend is definitely a shop that I frequent, to expand my accessories collection. The accessories sold there are vast and rather unique. The quality is surprisingly applaudable. Belts, shades, rings, bangles, anything. They're all there, under one roof. I am rather impressed too with how efficiently regular it took for the new stocks to arrive. Elitrend seemed to be the heart of trends; unknown to many. When chunky chains was a fad, Elitrend had them all. When moustaches were the rage, Elitrend sold them for all too. It is definitely an underdog in the fashion industry. However, thanks to it's state of being not too sky high famous, it reduces the rate of bumping into someone that brandishes the same item. Oh, limited edition I do adore!

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