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Accessories within an affordable price range
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Elitrend is a relatively new accessories store that seems to have sprouted roots in several malls in Singapore at one go, and I'm definitely not complaining.

Elitrend is definitely one of the trendiest accessories stores in Singapore currently, and despite it being a relatively new brand, it is comparable to the likes of Diva and Six. However, the price range at Elitrend is certainly much more affordable, as most rings are priced at no more than $10, and necklaces and charm bracelets retail at around $10+.

Some accessories at Elitrend can be a little common, and seem as if they'd been bought off Bugis Street or a flea market. As such, I would probably say that the accessories at Elitrend can be a little of a hit or miss, as there are some unique accessories within Elitrend's collections, but also a few that certainly look cheaper than their actual cost.

Elitrend also retails several hair accessories like hair ties or head bands, so it not only caters for teens and young adults, but also kids and preteens who would like to wear something fancy-looking in their hair.

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