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Accessories J juzsimplicity June 13, 2012 349
Not worth your money
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Diva is definitely worth a visit; but only if you are window shopping. Yes, they sell amazing accessories; but the price is just way too unreasonable (in fact, over the top).

I would recommend going to other shops like Aries instead. They sell accessories similar to Diva, but at much lower prices. So, unless you have a loose budget, do not buy Diva’s product; I cannot reiterate that enough.

Nevertheless, that having said, Diva’s products are still worth a look. Their accessories are more of funky/trendy and definitely colourful. They sell hair and fashion accessories like necklaces, hair bands etc. Personally, I would say they are suited more for gifts than for personal usage – they have necklaces for best friends!

Their products are catered for the younger generation – teenagers; because they are bright and loud. With regards to quality; it definitely isn’t top notch. My hair bands broke after a few times (it isn’t as if my head is bigger than the average), and the design on them started to fade off after a while.

That having said, when their items go on sale or they have promotions; go for it. They can sell 5 hair bands for around $9 and have pretty designs; quality however, not assured.

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