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Accessories J juzsimplicity June 13, 2012 343
Don't buy them
(Updated: November 14, 2012)
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Some of their accessories appear as if bits and pieces are cobbled together. Although, some of their designs are pretty cute. I once saw a paper clip necklace.

I remember friendship bracelets were "in" back then. However, instead of bracelets, my friends and I bought necklaces instead. Within a year, the colours faded. One thing I realized about Diva is that their necklaces get tarnished very easily, which is a major issue.

The store definitely pales in comparison to Mini Bits and Helen. In terms of everything-from design to quality to service. Speaking of service, all shop assistants have the tendency to follow customers around. It's very uncomfortable, not to mention, awkward.

But, the bangles are worth a look. Most of them are suitable for different occasions such as casual or party wear.

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