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Accessories J juzsimplicity June 13, 2012 349
Low quality
(Updated: July 10, 2012)
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A small, brightly lit shop with lots of pretty accessories to feast your eyes on, Diva is not difficult to miss. Although visually appealing, my experience with its products is that they are not quality goods and get damaged easily. Also, they are quite pricey when they don't have promotions going on.

Most of my necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings have either faded in colour or tarnished in a short period of time. And I try very hard not to let them come into contact with water. But in a country so warm like Singapore, its difficult to keep accessories dry as perspiration will always come in contact with them. I've also had a very disappointing encounter of a necklace falling apart because it was too heavy and the parts holding the necklace together were not strong enough. That was just after wearing it twice. I ended up having to fix the necklace on my own. For its level of quality, I definitely do not think the prices are worth it.

Although its staff are generally polite and friendly, they keep hanging around you and sometimes follow you around the store, hovering behind. It can get a little frustrating especially when they try to promote every single piece of item they think has caught your eye. For people who prefer to be left alone to shop in peace, this can be quite a bother. I don't blame them; they're probably just doing their job but this is one reason I always leave after giving a quick browse.

All that said, during their sale periods you might be able to find a good deal or two. My advice would be to void the gold and silver plated items as they will definitely lose its visual appeal in time.

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