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Accessories J juzsimplicity June 13, 2012 347
Cute, but kitsch
(Updated: July 05, 2012)
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I used to love Diva accessories when I was 15 or 16, but as I grew older, my tastes changed and recently, I have gone more for quality rather than quantity.

Diva is cute and spunky, pink and girly, and its accessories can be divided into an array of categories. Each piece can transform you into a rock chick, a glamorous diva, a sparkly princess, a Tribeca hippie or a bohemian islander. The best part about Diva is definitely the sales. With pieces going for no more than 9 dollars, girls and women alike are sure to flock to this store for their accessory fix.

However, the quality of Diva's accessories is sub-par. Rings tarnish within a few wears or with immediate contact with water or sweat, and basically all their gold or silver-plated accessories fade in shine after a while as well. I would much rather purchase jewelry from high street labels like Topshop or River Island during their sales rather than from a Diva sale as I know the quality from the former stores will be slightly better than Diva's.

I used to come out of the store with many new accessories in tow. Now, I come out of the store with merely a pair of earrings or two. Something that wouldn't tarnish as much.

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