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Accessories J juzsimplicity June 13, 2012 371
Quite pricey, excluding times when they have a sale
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Diva has been one of the more famous accessory stores in Singapore. I reckon that if you mention the brand name “Diva” to any females from the ages 15 (maybe even 13 now that the society is modernising so quickly) and above, they will be able to tell you that they have stepped into the store to take a look at the stuff they offer. Purchasing the accessories, however, is another issue.

I remember patronising the store a few years ago, when I was really crazy about accessories. Yes, I admit that they do have pretty little pieces in store. The ones which really get my attention would be those with a “vintage” feel. You know, with all the worn out brass like colour and the chunky pieces of acrylic right smack in the middle. When you really want something, you won’t really care about the price. That was what happened to me back then. But now when I think about it, $25 for a thin bracelet with no more than 3 charms, is really quite expensive. No matter how vintage it looks like. Since then, I started to really watch the prices of the accessories I buy from Diva.

Other than when they have a sale, I don’t think the stuff there are really worth the price attached to it.
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