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Accessories J juzsimplicity June 13, 2012 374
Check out their sales!
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Overall Rating 
Diva is a fashion jewellery chain. Not the place where you look fo diamonds, etc. It is more of costume jewellery where you look for fun fashion wears! Being a total jewellery junkie, I LOVE their stuff! In the shop, Diva classifies their jewellery according to colours! They have turquoise section, red, black, gold, silver, etc.

In terms of price, it is slightlyyy cheaper than places like Aldo and Topshop. However, I would suggest you to look out for their sales! They sell at AMAZING prices – say like 50% discount or sometimes even one for one! I used to buy their stuff at usual prices. But ever since I found out about their sales (Every half a year I think!), I’ve only shop during their sales! :D

Something that I’ve noticed on most of my jewellery from Diva. They tend to rust quite easily though it did not come into contact with water. Perhaps it is due to my sweat or something. But Diva’s jewellery doesn’t last as long as those from Aldo and Topshop!

One last tip, before you purchase anything from Diva, look for cheaper alternatives in places like Forever 21. You may find something similar. You need not necessary splurge on something that rust so easily.
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