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Accessories J juzsimplicity June 13, 2012 374
Pretty and cute items but some could be too expensive
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Overall Rating 
Girls love this shop. Once you enter the shop, you might not want to leave anytime soon, plenty of cute and stylish accessories that would accentuate your beauty. Diva has a wide range of accessories from necklace, beads, earring, hair accessories and more. 

I am not really an accessories fan, but every time I go to Diva, I was just amazed by the amount of items you can get in there. But be informed that some items are not worth buying and the quality is a big no no. The other day, I purchased one necklace for my sister and it costs around $20-$25. After 2 weeks of wearing it, the chain goes rusty and can't be used anymore. Well, at least I would take it as a lesson that cute and pretty items might not be of good qualities. 

The items that I would recommend the ladies to get here is the hair accessories. There are plenty of them, take your time to choose. Usually, the hair bands are pretty and would last long , provided you also take good care of them. Each of them would range around $5-$20.  Also, look out for promotional and discounted items that would make a great deal for you and your girls. 

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