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Accessories K kremekitten September 30, 2012 403
Really affordable
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I really love shopping in Chamelon because you can virtually find whatever you want inside. Scarves, makeup, nail polish, all kinds of accessories - name it and they have it. The employees are also polite and would pass you a basket if they find that you're struggling with the many things you're going to purchase. But sometimes I do wish they'd not follow me that often; it gets a little intimidating because I prefer browsing through my stuff alone, not with a stranger following me around!

I especially love their series of rings because they're so cheap! Starting from $2.90 for a ring, who wouldn't want to buy it? Furthermore, the rings are not just simple ones with no elaborate designs; they're really beautiful rings studded with jewels (obviously fake, but it looks real anyway) and other pretty decorations. The store will change its collection of rings once in a while and I often find myself leaving the shop with more than 5 rings to add into my mountain of accessories at home.
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