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Having been to Aries countless of times during my secondary school days, I remember vividly that the shop is constantly filled with customers, especially students. Now that I drop by Aries once in a while, the range of customers have increased (well, I am not sure if that has to do with the timing I visit). More grown up customers are seen. I would like to attribute that to the long term support from us students and for those who are already adults! Yes, I do visit Aries once in a while too now that I am almost becoming an adult (well, age wise. We will always get to reminise the youthful feeling we have when we are in Aries!)

Alright. That aside. Most Aries branches has renovated their shop and changed their layout. Their displays are now according to themes like colour or just Prom. It makes the shop look more classy and attractive to shoppers to even just enter the shop. Furthermore, I like how their display allows customers to have a better feel of their accessories, in terms of mix and match.

Though their accessories may be cheap and worth for students, other products like nail polish and make-up bags are not exactly worth the money, in my opinion. At least for me, I wouldn't purchase their nail polish as the quality is pretty bad and can be harmful to my nails. With just a few more cents, I can get one with nice colour tone and quality elsewhere.

Nonetheless it offers good bargain for hair accessories, not only for students but also working adults.

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