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Books, Stationary & Comics R rui-ling-teo December 09, 2012 1369
Trendy stationery!
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Smiggle revolutionized the stationery scene in Singapore.

When this stationery brand hit our shores a while back, it was all the rage. Youths and adults alike flocked to the store to grab some of Smiggle's popular bright coloured stationery, and in my school, it was easy to spot several of my peers carrying Smiggle's trademark bright pencil cases in the auditorium. Smiggle definitely set a trend for stationery in Singapore, and even though this trend has waned a little, its loyal following is definitely impressive for a stationery shop in Singapore. In fact, when I visited the branch at Citylink Mall just a week ago, I was surprised to find that the store was pretty crowded despite the fact that it was a weekday.

I am personally not a fan of bright colours, as I find brights extremely intrusive and outrageous. However, I was pretty hooked the moment I stepped into a Smiggle store for the first time, as the items in the store were simply too cute.

The prices at Smiggle can be a little on the steep side, which is probably why I have yet to make a purchase from the store despite my countless visits. I have received a set of coloured (and scented!) pens from my friend as a gift though, and I have to say, the quality of Smiggle pens are pretty good. The pens flow on smoothly, and do not allow much bleedthrough, so I was certainly impressed. Although on the pricier end for stationeries, I would say that the price is probably worth it for the high quality of the products if you like bright colours.

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