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Books, Stationary & Comics R rui-ling-teo December 09, 2012 1368
Good for gifts
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I always go to Smiggle for conventional gifts for friends. The stationery is enticing, and helps to make a mundane study session more interesting. If you're out of ideas for what to get for someone, just go to Smiggle and create a pencil case set. (Get a pencil box and fill it with some pens, pencils, erasers and a ruler.) It's innovative, unique and practical!

It does get a little painful sometimes having to fork out two dollars for a pencil you could have easily bought at a normal bookstore for less than half the price. The quality of the products is not superior to anything currently on the market, and the only justification of the price is that it comes with extra bits and bots that make it look nice.
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