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Arty Farty!
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PaperMarket is one of the few shops I'd definitely visit each time I visit Plaza Singapura. Be it to purchase a craft kit to make a card for my friend's birthday, or just to explore the place for new and arty knick-knacks. The shop is definitely interesting enough to entice anyone in - even if you are not a fan of arty farty stuff!

If you are a fan of scrapbooking, PaperMarket will definitely be a heaven for you. There, you can find many cute designs and prints of card-stocks, stickers and marker pens - a must-have for a beautiful creation of a scrapbook! Also, they also display many handmade scrapbook designs where you can gather inspirations from.

For those who are not artistically-gifted, they also have ready-made and idiot-proof scrapbook kits, for beginners who are interested in scrapbooking but have no inkling on how to start. These scrapbook kits include all the basic items and decorations you need to make your very first scrapbook, and all you have to do is print pictures and follow the instructions and voila! You have made yourself a beautiful and artistic memory book!

The items sold at PaperMarket are pretty pricey for most though, as compared to the arty items you can purchase from Spotlight and Daiso. However, unless you are an avid fan of scrapbooking, it would be difficult to put together all the bits and pieces from the other places into one artistic creation, so I recommend PaperMarket as you'd actually save a lot of time and effort by using their instant card-stocks and stickers which are all ready-to-use.
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