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Books, Stationary & Comics C cmacrina May 10, 2012 1497
Shop name is pretty much self-explanatory.
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Overall Rating 
Well, if you do not know what an Otaku is, it is someone who has an obsession huge interest in anime, cosplaying and other Japanese related interests, and judging from the name of the shop, one should not expect more than what an Otaku would like, because, well, that's exactly what this place is called!

Otaku House sells a variety of anime merchandise, such as figurines, stuffed toys, and other collectable items. There are cosplay costumes as well, preferably for first-time cosplayers or cosplayers who are lazy/have no time to make their own costumes, I guess. This place would be an awesome place to find a present for a friend who loves anime, because chances is you'll find what the person likes, unless it is some underrated anime.

Of course, Otaku House is not completely just for Otakus. If you are not an anime fan, but like characters like Domo, you can also check out the place if you collect Domo-related products. Do be aware that the things sold here can be quite pricey. Figurines can cost $10 and up, so other bigger items would probably cost much more.
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