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Anime Merchandise and Cosplay.
(Updated: October 25, 2012)
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Otaku House is one of the most well-known anime, manga and cosplay related shop known to the people of SIngapore. It is quite easy to spot out their shop from afar as their shop is bright and vibrant with attractive merchandises and costumes for displays. They have a good range of cosplay costumes.

One would be able to browse through the catalogue to see what is available and to see on what are the upcoming cosplay costumes that are going to come out from the stores. It is a pretty good resourceful place for cosplayers. Cosplayers can find props such as kunai, shuriken and katana (some there is an option for it to be either wooden or metal). The price for buying the cosplay costumes is quite reasonable. Otaku House would often have clearance sales or student discounts which really help students who does not have much money and yet have an interest in cosplaying.
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