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Books, Stationary & Comics C cmacrina May 10, 2012 1497
for anime lovers
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I chanced upon this store one day after catching a movie at the cinema. (I can't believe I have never come across this before all the time I'm at plaza singapura)

The name of the store itself speaks volumes: it caters to the otaku, or people with obsessive interests in anime or manga. I did not really like the design of shop sign, as it seemed rather childish. Also, the shop space was really small and thus hard to navigate your way through the aisles, especially when there are customers blocking the walkway.

However, the products stocked were rather fascinating to look at, ranging from cute cat earphone jack plugs for iphones to swords for cosplayers. As a cat lover, the cat earphone jack plugs and the cat ears they sold were tempting, however I felt the price costly for students, and that I could possibly buy better quality items elsewhere.

Otaku House is interesting for first-timers, but I feel, loses its charm on the following visits.

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plaza singapura
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