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Beauty lies in simplicity
(Updated: March 08, 2014)
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Muji is one of my absolute favourite places to shop. Its plainess, I believe, is one of its biggest selling factors. I'm always iffy whenever it comes to brands that insist on enlarging their logos to the point where it covers half the product. And more often than not, the logos are quite unsightly, which is very off-putting. It makes me reconsider buying their products even if the quality and original design may be nice.

When it comes to Muji, such concerns all go flying out of the window. All their products stick to the same concept: simplicity. This honestly gives off a great feeling of sophistication which I greatly adore. Muji doesn't need to compete in terms of design with other stores as its simplicity is what wins it customers. There's only a sticker with their logo on their products which you can easily tear off.

Muji also sells products of stunning quality. From their clothes to their containers, all of it meets an A-class standard in terms of quality. I especially love their notebooks. Although, some of their notebooks are often dented or scratched.

However, I have to say that their products are very pricey. It may be over the top but I guess it pays to fork out so much for quality.

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